Company Profile

We have been selling Quality Gemstones and beads on-line for more than 13 years. Our Company’s Mission is to supply Quality Natural Gemstone, Beads and fossil to the Internet Community at the best possible price and with impeccable customer services and support.

We had achieved consistently high performance standard at Ebay. We are currently Ebay TOP RATED SELLER and we will apply the same high standard of comittment and service here.


We strive to provide a fair price to all parties in a transaction from the front-end supplier to the end-user buyer. We want to make sure that every transaction is a win-win situation for all parties.
We are a strong advocate on Environment Friendliness and Energy Saving. We strongly believe that jewelry should not be scrapped and melt-down as this will consume a lot of energy. Therefore for any jewelry or gemstone that you have purchased from us, you can engage us to resell them at a small fee.

We take pride in bringing awareness on the latest new treatment on gemstones and any dubious or scam activities that are currently happening in the market through our blog