192ct Top Grade Rainbow IRIS AGATE Silver Pendant ~Multi-Color Fire 100% Natural


Multi-Color Rainbow Fire when Light strikes the back~


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Product Description


Color: Grayish White Dimension: App 63 x 52 x 7.4 mm (Stone) IF: Internally flawless
Weight: App 192.10ct Cut: Pear Cab Polished set in Indonesian Silver Pendant VVS1-2: Very, very slight inclusions
Clarity: Very Translucent Hardness: 6.5-7 VS1: Very slight inclusions
Treatment: None VS2-SI1: Slightly included
No. of Pieces: 1 Origin: Indonesia SI2-I: Included

Product Description

Rainbow Iris Agate is a RARE Variety of agate. face-up, it looks like any other ordinary agate. Under Transmitted light, you will see splendid rainbow fire~ There is Stunning Rainbow fire shown when light strikes from the back at certain angles in this piece! It is very hard to show on photos. Be Prepared to be mesmerized by the rainbow color gazing it against the room light or sunlight~ You will not be disappointed~ Want to know more about Rainbow Iris Agate? Here is a very good write-up on it