331ct Giant Picture Figure Orange White ‘EIGHT “8”‘ AGATE ~Natural Untreated~


AAA Picture Figure of “EIGHT “8””~Very HUGE Translucent


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Product Description


Color: Orange, Grayish White Dimension: App 54 x 40 x 19.8 mm IF: Internally flawless
Weight: App 330.5ct Cut: Oval Cab Polished VVS1-2: Very, very slight inclusions
Clarity: Very Translucent Hardness: 6.5-7 VS1: Very slight inclusions
Treatment: None VS2-SI1: Slightly included
No. of Pieces: 1 Origin: Indonesia SI2-I: Included

Product Description

This is a very unusual Natural Picture Agate! Picture Agate is caused by impurities deposited along cracks of the stone. This piece has patterns that make the gem looks like a Figure of  "EIGHT" in the center.  What do you think? Looks stunning in person. Very HUGE SIZE too You will be delighted !~Thanks for your support toward asiagem.