72ct Top Quality Certified PICTURE AGATE “EXOTIC BIRD” 18K Diamond Cage Pendant


Perfect picture Effect of a “Exotic Bird” ~Well-Defined


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Product Description

Color: Different shades of RED to White to Yellow to Orange which forms a “Exotic BIRD” Picture Effect in the center ~SUPER WELL-DEFINED ~ Dimension: App 29.83 x 22.11 x 2.69 mm (Stone)
IF: Internally flawless
VVS1-2: Very, very slight inclusions
VS1: Very slight inclusions
VS2-SI1: Slightly included
SI2-I: Included
Weight: App 71.795ct (WITH SETTING)
Diamond: 0.75ct
Cut: Oval Cab Set in 18K Yellow Gold Designer Bird-Cage Pendant with 0.75ct of Diamonds
Clarity: Very Translucent Hardness: 6.5-7
Treatment: None at all
No. of Pieces: 1 Origin: Indonesia
Product Description

This is a Top Quality Picture Agate set in 18K Yellow Gold & diamonds! What stands out from the rest is the Fancy Pattern forming a Oh-so-Real “Exotic Bird) on the surface making this a 1-of-a-kind Top of the line Collection! Comes with an independant Gemological Certificate with purchase. You will not be disappointed!