High Quality Vintage Taiwan MOMO Orange Coral Carved FISH ~Natural Untreated~


Very Attractive Color & Stunning Carved details ~Rare~


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Product Description


Color: Orange Dimension: App 34 x 20 x 7 mm  IF: Internally flawless
Weight: App 31.5ct Cut: Carved FISH VVS1-2: Very, very slight inclusions
Clarity: Translucent Hardness: 3.5 VS1: Very slight inclusions
Treatment: None VS2-SI1: Slightly included
No. of Pieces: 1 Origin: Taiwan SI2-I: Included

Product Description

Coral is among the most ancient of gem materials, used for adornment since prehistoric times. Coral inlays and ornaments have been found in Celtic tombs from the Iron Age. Coral has a history of religious significance. Coral is one of the seven treasures in Buddhist scriptures and Tibetan Lamas use coral rosaries. Coral was long thought to be a powerful talisman that could stop bleeding, protect from evil spirits, and ward off hurricanes. Please note that this is NOT CHEAP DYED coral. This is completely untreated undyed. This had been kept by a collector friend of mine for more than 20 years~ True Vintage Old New Unused Stock~ They do not harvest from this locality any more~  You will not be disappointed!